Panorama of New Zealand

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**Currently under construction, more places, pictures and stories as I get a chance to add them. But I might be traveling and not able to get to it, haha.

November 2019: Montreal

August 2019: Chicago

June 2019: Winnipeg

October 2018: Copenhagen, Germany, Prague

August 2018: Chicago

June 2018: Sequoia

May 2018: New Zealand Part 2

December 2017: Norway

June 2017: Petaluma, Napa, Davis

May 2017: Greece

December 2017: Denver

October 2017: Minneapolis (PWC)

September 2017: Ashland

January 2017: New Zealand

Oct/Nov 2016: Minneapolis (Orange)

October 2016: Ashland

September 2016: Toronto

August 2016: Ojai

July 2016: Connecticut (O'Neill)

June 2016: Steamboat Springs, Colorado

June 2013: Steamboat Springs, Colorado

New York City trips: SO MANY