While we were on a train in Bergen, Norway, I got an alert about a mistake fare to New Zealand. I leapt at the chance and bought insanely cheap tickets before checking anything, and luckily it all worked out. We landed in Auckland and spent a few days on Waiheke Island (thanks to the generosity of another Indian Ink board member). We wine tasted, went zip lining, hiked through the forest, and enjoyed high tea. We flew to Wellington for a few days to catch Welcome to the Murder House, the show that I’d worked on. It was fantastic! Then, we took a ferry to the South island and drove a rental car all the way down the east coast to Te Anu, having a million adventures on the way: a helicopter glacier hike, hot springs, kiwi spotting, seeing the bluest lake ever, exploring Hokaido, getting lost in the dark in a rainforest and then hiking it the next day, hitting a snowstorm in Te Anu, and taking a boat tour of glowworm caves. It was AMAZING and I am looking forward to our third trip to New Zealand.