I read an article that the best time in my life to see the Northern Lights was likely going to be this winter, and after that the cycle was down combined with the unpredictability of climate change. We thought about Iceland, but then Norwegian Air opened up an LAX to Oslo route and in celebration had fares for only $310. Nonstop! So off we went, spending only a day in Oslo before heading out on a train to Bergen (stopping halfway to cruise the fjords and eat brown cheese in Urdendell). We had one of the top ten meals of my life in Bergen at Lysverket. Then we flew to Tromso to hunt the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle. Despite my getting food poisoning, we went on a reindeer sleigh ride where out in the meadows we saw the brilliance of the lights. We went snowmobiling (we fell a LOT) and then on a Northern Lights hunt, basically touring the backwoods of Norway. It was incredible, and we went on a million different forms of transport while we were there.

Isaac’s extensive Norway album on flickr.